Author, Selena Gaudet

A good bottle of wine is like the perfect pair of jeans.

Why do we wear jeans that aren’t the perfect fit? Probably because they’re familiar and we’ve had them for a long time. It’s easy to pull on the same pair because you know how they fit, wine can be the same way, especially if you’re used to that same bottle. Just like shopping for jeans can feel overwhelming, wine can totally feel that way too.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You just need to shop where the employees want to help you find the perfect fit, where they carry inspiring products that are well-made, that they are proud to offer to you!

It feels so damn good to put on a pair of jeans that feel like they were made for you! That’s exactly what we want to do here at Vine Styles. Whether you’re in to buy one bottle or one case, we want every bottle to feel like it was made for you, like that first sip just gets you.

It’s that same feeling you get when you pull that pair of jeans over your hips and they sit right where you want them, perfectly snug. When you turn around to check out your butt (everyone does that, right?) and it’s voluptuous in all the right ways, kind of like the tannin in your perfect red wine. Length is important too and on these perfect jeans they reach down just as far as you want, you almost feel like buying another pair, or taking another sip. The perfect shade of denim curves your unique shape flawlessly like the weight of the wine coats your unique palate.

Your favourite jeans can change too. Daily, even – depending on the weather, your mood, where you’re going that day. Perhaps you think the more you spend, the better the jeans will be, and that’s not true, nor is it for wine. We promise the perfect wine exists in your budget.

It’s time to ditch your Apothic jeggings, because cheap jeans, like cheap wine always end up disappointing you. Corners are cut and shortcuts get made. Sure, you can probably find something that will do the trick at Forever 21, or you could come visit us, or even a store like ours. Jeans or wine, your ‘oh hell yes’ moment awaits!