Featured Artists of Vine Styles

Eleanor Brich 

"I was brought up in a lovely, little countryside village outside of Cambridge, England in the United Kingdom.

During my schooling I always loved everything and anything artistic and was lucky to be able to acquire some great education in these fields. As a child I always loved getting creative from drawing animals, to taking artistic courses with my mother and creating cartoons of my family members I began by taking art in the younger years at school which helped me explore and experiment and then continue on this path through the years.

After moving to Canada I came across the Milan art institute and decided to push my art to the next level and begin a career in the art industry.

I see the beauty in the simple things in life and bring this to the canvas. My work shows the power of positivity and hope breaking through the negative parts of life. I show optimism by painting nature which emulates growth and pure beauty.

My process brings together a mixture of inks, pens, acrylics and oils providing depth. Each step brings me such joy, from the fluidity of the inks, the structure of the pen, the transformation from the acrylics and the depth and colour the oils bring.

I have a huge passion for travel and have been lucky enough to travel the world with my husband where I collected inspiration and continue to do so.

Not only do I continue to travel for inspiration but I plan to continue to create pure, authentic art to bring you joy and happiness." - Eleanor Birch

Learn more about Eleanor and her art by visiting: www.eleanorbirchart.com



Alex Hunt

Alex is a local abstract artist with a flair for bold, well-constructed colour palettes and elaborate compositions. Alex’s love for colour and working with acrylics as her chosen medium stems from her longstanding background as a magazine Fashion Editor.

This has enriched her talent and technique evident in her colour combinations, exquisite layering and spontaneous brush strokes. Her artwork evokes joy reflective of her positive and playful personality. Intuition and raw emotion make up the layers and texture in her artworks creating a visual delight for her clients to love and adore in their homes.

Working from her studio in West Hillhurst with the support of her family she aims to expand her creative journey. Alex’s artwork has attracted a large variety of clients across Canada, the United States and internationally. Swing by our store to view her colourful and eye catching pieces in our store!

Visit her online at www.alexhuntstudio.com



Victoria Zyluk

Calgary landscape artist, Victoria Zyluk, attributes her deep connection with the land to her early years on the family farm. Although having travelled throughout the world, she is constantly inspired by the magnificent Rocky Mountains and often meanders through the grounds of the beautiful Bow Valley Ranche.

During her teaching career she shared her artistic skills with her students and community serving on Art Councils. A current project is a plein air literary and art club for writers, poets, artists and photographers. Using watercolour, acrylic, ink or pastels, Victoria continues to expand her technique and media. Her work has appeared in several galleries and been selected for the Stampede Art Auction.

You can find more about Victoria at www.beyondart.online



Kirsten Bollen

Calgary based artist and designer, Kirsten Bollen, is known for her colourful and minimalist representations of nature in a signature circle. Exploring the great outdoors inspires much of her work, as she creates paintings that echo the colours and shapes found in nature to evoke an emotional response from others as they apply their own connection to the work. 

"Albertan through and through, Kirsten has lived in this province all her life. She was born and raised in small town, northern Alberta and moved to Edmonton to receive a Bachelor of Visual Communication Design at the University of Alberta, where she honed her skills in graphic design, painting, and drawing. After taking a break from art to follow a career in the public service in Calgary, the pandemic provided a gift of time, where she expressed her love for the rocky mountains through paint and developed a distinctly unique style."

To see more of Kirsten's work visit kirstenbollen.com



Scott Jackson

Scott Jackson is an evolving, self taught mixed media artist from Okotoks, Alberta, Canada. He is currently working mainly with pigmented inks, acrylics and resin on wood panels in a geometric/modern/contemporary style. In the fall of 2019, Scott launched his Art For Charity initiative, and to date has given away 50 pieces of his art to sponsors, who in exchange have made cash donations to registered local charities.

Scott's Art For Charity was even showcased during our Annual Multiple Sclerosis Fundraising Event! We are so thankful to Scott for the donated art pieces. We all loved the modern style and it fits so well in all of our households!

He is now working on charcoal and mixed medias of Celebrity portraits and caricatures.

See more of Scotts work by visiting his instagram: Scott Jackson



Scott Stonechild

Scott has a Studio Art Degree from the University of Saskatchewan and has been working in the arts since 1985 (Citadel Theatre in Edmonton) and attending University of Alberta 2016 - 2017 for the Master of Fine Arts Degree program.

Scott comes from the Saulteaux nation of Muscowpetung First Nation in southern Saskatchewan, he has done expressive murals in Saskatchewan with his son's "The mirror image of my Elders teachings" at multiple Public Art Collections including University of Calgary, University of Saskatchewan, Simon Fraser University. Other public displays at Saskatchewan Arts Board, Fundamental Saskatchewan Indigenous Nations, Saskatchewan Indigenous Gaming Authority.

He specializes in indigenous art with a focus on storytelling and preserving his elder's teachings. 

Reach out to Scott by email: S.Stonechild@gmail.com or online at Nechi Art Group 



Cecile Albi

A Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Manitoba and a Diploma in Graphic Design from Red River College. Cecile has over 20 years of experience in graphic design, but also has a love of fine art, leading her out of the graphic design world and into incredible fine art painting. She has been a feature artist for 3 years at the Calgary Stampede’s Western Showcase.

The paintings by Canadian artist, Cecile Albi, are the result of her search for meaning and understanding of her natural environment. Her picture plane supports the ‘beautiful’ yet reflects the unstable and unpredictable traits of nature.

Throughout an in-depth and lifelong relationship with visual art Albi has created a visual language of which to engage conversation with nature, herself and the viewer. Skillfully utilizing compositional elements, Albi intuitively follows Nature's lead through the use of colour, shape and movement. She plays with the acts of assembling and dismantling by implementing order and surrendering to spontaneity. Echoing and respecting the offerings made by the Impressionists, Cubists and Abstract Expressionists, Cecile Albi brings her own fresh unrestrained mark to the Contemporary.

To see more of Cecile’s work visit: CecileAlbi.com 



Jean Guitard

Jean Guitard’s first showing was in Montreal at the Chateau Champlain at the age of 17. His high school art teacher had invited him to share an exhibit. Young and suggestible though, Guitard fell into the bacchanal lifestyle of the Quebec hospitality industry, and for over a decade produced very little art.

In 1990 he moved to Calgary, aware that his years of self-indulgence were not conducive to realizing his dream of being an artist. Once settled in an older, trendy area he found his perspective painting neighbourhood scenes in an impressionist style. He then went door to door selling his works, mostly aquarelle and oil-pastel. He then ventured into golf course portrayals but felt restricted by the work’s limitations. Next was a brief infatuation with Cubism.

In 2012 everything came together: a trip to Puerto Vallarta resonated with him deeply and Puzzle Painting was born. Mayan influences and Mexican graffiti proved catalysts for a unique style that incorporates colour, geometry and embodies emotion.

Guitard is a quintessential artist. He paints when he feels the kaleidoscope of moments and images in his head need to come together on canvas. He believes that adhering to a strict schedule with the primary goal of commercial success authentic expression is negated. He prefers that his art unfolds as his life does. Interactions will percolate for weeks until he is home in his sun-drenched studio to interpret them.

His recent work is intricate, but key elements continue to be incorporated: raised dabs of encircled gold, delicate string-like strands, and geometric squares. He works his canvas from the borders in, not from sketches but from his mind’s eye. Vivid and immediately pleasing, every work has a unique story that comes to light with repeated viewing.

To see more of Jean's work visit: jeanguitard.com



Tiffany Lynn Cuffley

Tiffany Lynn Cuffley is a former professional figure skater, Performing Arts graduate and Visual Artist in Calgary, Alberta. All of the above shape her current body of work. Her work is an exploration of shape, pattern and the geometry of movement. Tiffany continues to push the the boundaries of her work and study the connection of shape, structure and unpredictable movement.  

Her work has been a part of group shows, solo exhibitions as well as restaurant, retail and corporate murals/installations including Sammie Cafe, Corner Block Bridgeland, Renegade Gym, Una Pizza + Wine, Vertigo Theatre Gallery, XO Treatment Room, Brookfield Properties, Deloitte Inc,  Calgary Stampede dream home in 2018 and BUMP mural festival in 2021. 

To see more of Tiffany's art visit: tiffanylynncuffley.com



Brenda Banda Johnson

Brenda Banda Johnson Fine Art features a collection of bold, textured palette knife paintings that reach out from the canvas and invite you into the scenes they portray - both real and imagined. Her work is inspired by the stunning beauty and energy of nature. She is irresistibly drawn to both its’ complexity and its’ simplicity, the perfection in its’ imperfection, and the stillness in the chaos of it. Especially drawn to the beautifully flawed bark of trees - scarred, peeling and cracked; lush, vibrant foliage; sculptural chunks of driftwood worn smooth by time and the elements; wild, stormy skies; jagged mountain peaks and rocky outcroppings stained by centuries of watershed, rich with minerals.

She has shown her work at a variety of different local art shows, galleries, and corporate spaces. Brenda truly feel that the opportunity that she now has to paint is a gift - one that she is very grateful for, and a way to give to her community in a unique way. Brenda also regularly donate art work for fundraising auctions that support the community, our global community, and specific charitable organizations. Find more of Brenda's work by visiting bandajohnsonart.com


Jacky Benjamin Tollestrup 

Jacky Benjamin Tollestrup, is a contemporary painter, printmaker, and filmmaker that boldly challenges societal norms through playful investigations of form and the human body. With a keen eye for detail and a unique approach to representation, Jacky’s work captivates audiences, inviting them to contemplate and rethink societal expectations.

As an artist, Jacky’s work reflects her commitment to understanding and grappling with the complexities of identity, be it her own or those of the individuals she portrays in her art. Her vibrant, unapologetic paintings often depict characters who defy gender norms, celebrating the fluidity and spectrum of human expression.

In addition to her remarkable body of prints and paintings, Jacky produced and directed the short film “Orca.” This evocative piece captures an artist’s monologue about evolving queer identifications over a span of 30+ years while painting.

The film explores the intricacies of her queerness in relation to creativity, dreams, ancestry, killer whales, and offers the audience a thought-provoking glimpse into the artist’s world.

Jacky’s artwork is not only visually stunning, but it also serves as a powerful catalyst for change, inspiring conversations about gender, identity, and societal norms. Through her art, she encourages us to question the status quo, and embrace a playful relationship with our own embodiment. Follow Jacky’s artistic journey on Instagram to experience her captivating work firsthand. @jackybenjamintollestrup



Lynette Melnyk

Lynette creates lyrical abstract paintings that tell a story and connect with people’s emotions. Her interpretations of music, dance, and nature are captured in the curvaceous strokes, depth of layers, and captivating flow of movements. Her work is representative of an elegant strength found in her soul. The results are spiritual, serendipitous, and enriching. A joyous freedom is felt from the energy and passion experienced on the canvas. The viewer is encouraged to feel inspired, and be bold and fearless in their own life.

“My artwork is a continuation of my personal growth to trust myself, to take more leaps and be myself. She has a sensitive, as well as an edgy, aspect in her art that is flowing out onto canvases in expressive movements. There is a little music and dance in every painting.”

Lynette rapidly built a strong following of art collectors in North America, Europe, and the U.K. She participate in art exhibitions throughout Canada, the U.S. and recently in Hangzhou, China.

Some form of creative endeavour has been explored throughout her life, with formal education in interior design, visual communication design, photography and painting. As an owner and operator of a successful design, marketing and corporate communications company for many years, she continues to evolve her passion for the creative communication process through her art.

Find more Lynette's art by visiting lynettemelnyk.com



Taylor Odinsky

With paintbrush in hand, Tay Odynski, better known as Taytayski has been able to build a unique following both online and within the concrete jungles of Alberta. A proud ACAD alumni, traditional artist Tay found her passion for pushing the creative boundary within her art and continues to explore innovative ways on the canvas and beyond. 

Being a painter for the people, Tay has fallen in love with the unpredictability of commission work — which is why you’ll notice no piece alike. Everything from celebrities, people's pets, musicians, portraits, athletes or even glittered up drag queens can be found in her repertoire. 

Tay lets the natural movement of the paint dictate the outcome of her work, taking advantage of every medium, drip, splatter and brush stroke. Though painting is her main medium, she loves to dip her toes in a multitude of projects including illustrating a children’s book, The Wonders That I Find. Most recently, Tay’s helped guide the paintbrushes of upcoming artists from young to old at a local art studio along with people from around the world on her Youtube channel.

No project is too big, nor too small for Tay, with one of her biggest projects being a 30 piece commission of various musical icons that are displayed throughout the Aria apartment complex in Calgary, AB.  

In an effort to instill her passion for the arts among others, Tay gives back to the community through virtual paint nights every ThursTay’s on her Caffeine streaming channel. With her vibrancy, pink hair and fun demeanor it’s no surprise she’s garnered thousands of followers on her Instagram page (@Taytayski) along with TikTok, Youtube and Facebook. See more of Tay's amazing art by visiting taytayski.com



Cory Nespor

Cory Nespor’s artistic purpose is to share what he has learned from the world around him. He has been cataloguing ideas and inspiration from those he has met for the past 20 years in a series of notebooks. Combining fabric, spray paint and photography, he immortalizes these ideas into friendly, and oftentimes ironic, mixed medium pieces.

Cory’s worldwide journey started in Winnipeg. After graduating as Student of the Year from Robertson College in 2000, he moved to Calgary and started writing the first notebook. He also began working as a graphic designer, incorporating his first business in 2001. He simultaneously embarked upon an electrical apprenticeship and completed his Masters in 2008.

The following year, in need of a change, Cory moved to New Zealand. With his notebooks in tow he started leading an inspired life, each day bringing him closer to his first solo show. Selling the entire collection within the first week, it became clear that Cory had found his purpose.

In September of 2013, Cory realized his lifelong dream and retired to pursue a full-time career in the arts. He met Kelly Johnsgaard shortly thereafter at a now defunct studio in Calgary’s Marda Loop neighbourhood. Together, they co-founded nvrlnd. Arts Foundation in 2017.

As Creative Director of Research & Design, his role has become that of a builder – applying the decades of skills he acquired in the trades to the design and structure of the space. He mentors and works with the artists of nvrlnd., to bring their ideas to life. More important than just building the physical infrastructure, Cory’s modus operandi is this: “Everything you can imagine is real.”

Check out his art online by visiting corynespor.com



Holly McWilliams

For as long as Holly can remember, she has been a creative, drawn to expressing herself visually. She has always seen her environment through a very visual lens, perceiving vignettes and cameos of perfect compositions all around her - just waiting to be captured on canvas.

She is primarily a painter and has produced collections in watercolor, acrylic, oil and mixed media. Simply put, Holly is an artist, with no limitations of mediums and is interested in a variety of subjects.

She is attracted to dramatic lighting and moody atmospheres, bold brushwork and vivid colours. She weaves together these things with subjects that she is interested in to create beauty, in a thought provoking way, engaging the senses.

She has vast bodies of work with a variety of subjects that range from figures, to urban and rural landscapes, Ravens and her magical collection of the Dreamscape Series.

Even though these are uniquely different, they provide a visual escape for her viewer where they can be swept up and transported, however briefly, to another time and place. She is interested in not only capturing a moment on canvas, but what it feels like to be in that moment, giving a definite immediacy and tangibility to her work. 

Her formal art training was at ACAD in the mid 90’s where she majored in sculpture. Then, she found painting and fell in love. She has been head over heels ever since, and created a career in the arts.

From the year 2000, Holly has been a professional artist, and an art educator. She is a gifted communicator and wanted to share her passion of the arts. She officially started her company, Indigo Arts, in 2005 with the goal to educate, inspire and make ART.

To this date she has successfully taught, mentored and coached thousands of people ranging from beginner to professional artists and created vast bodies of her own work.

Holly lives in Calgary, Alberta and has work in a number of collections, both corporate and private, in Canada, USA and Europe. 

Find more of Holly's work by visiting indigoarts.ca



South African Art Collection

In collaboration with Boabab, this South African Art Exhibit stands as a testament to the rich tapestry of artists and their unparalleled creativity.

Leading the ensemble, Antonet Lombard De Ridder, affectionately known as Toi, is a beacon of vibrant energy hailing from South Africa. Every stroke on her canvas is a dance of colors, a celebration of life's kaleidoscope, turning spaces into spectacles of her fervent imagination.

From the heart of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, Shanfield Moyo's hands craft magic with hyper-realistic charcoal and graphite pieces. Each work is an ode to detail so immaculate that they command to be seen up close. Presented by Kupenda Africa, Moyo's artistry is the embodiment of intricate beauty.

Completing this triumvirate is Anna Swanepoel, who seamlessly blends her South African roots with her Canadian experiences. With a repertoire spanning oils, freestyle airbrush paintings, mixed mediums, and watercolors, Swanepoel's versatility is the heartbeat of the exhibit. Beyond the canvas, her role as a registered master practitioner Clinical Counselor allows her to bridge art and healing, offering Express Arts therapy workshops.

You can find their works and more by visiting www.baobab-sa.com 


Paul Park aka YYC Street Photography

Hailing from Calgary, Canada, Paul Park is a gifted photographer who has an innate talent for capturing the enchanting essence of everyday moments. His photographs, ranging from trains in motion to the subtle play of sunlight, underscore the idea that beauty can be found everywhere, especially in places we often overlook. While the dream for many might be exploring cities like New York or Tokyo, Paul's work serves as a poignant reminder to appreciate the beauty in our immediate surroundings.

Growing up as a quiet introvert, Paul found his voice through the lens of a camera, enabling him to express emotions without words. His self-taught journey, starting merely with a phone and evolving through dedication and practice, resonates with millions worldwide. Today, he's not only a testament to the transformative power of photography but also an advocate for diving into passions headfirst, ensuring others that they'll find both joy and an inspiring community along the way.

See more of Paul’s work on instagram @‌yyc_street_photographyhttp://www.yycstreetphotography.com




Stephen Ferris

Stephen Ferris is a self-taught artist who operates on Treaty 7 territory (Calgary). At the age of 27, he started his creative path. In the British Columbian North Peace Area. His artwork invites spectators to investigate his unique inter-dimensional viewpoints while enticing them to visit unearthly places. With his intricate and sophisticated improvisation, his work is a canvas of unrestrained thoughts that grows and develops with each brushstroke.

Ferris's creative process is an investigation into the rhythmic abstractions of unfinished geometric shapes, patterns, and forms juxtaposed with discordant figure-ground connections. This work of art is meant to be seen from both a macro and micro perspective. From a distance, chaos unites to form a captivating macrocosm, while up-close inspection shows the fascinating subtleties of minute details.

His works are subjective and provide insight into the complex inner workings of his psyche. However, Ferris invites viewers to create their own distinct psychological bonds with his works. With this method, pareidolia is encouraged to play its captivating function, evoking countless interpretations and feelings.

Stephen Ferris is a well-known artist with a long history of exhibitions in Edmonton, Calgary, and the US. Notable recent shows at MIRUS Gallery in the US and a solo exhibition at Harcourt House in Edmonton are just two examples of his inventive and dynamic artistic journey

See more of Stephen's work on Stephen-ferris.com & On Instagram stephendferris