The story of Charlemagne and his luxurious beard

Emperor Charlemagne (Charles the Great) was born in 742, starting his Region as the King of Franks in 768. During this time it was well known for his love of wine and had many Pinot Noir plantings in Le Corton, Burgundy.

Charlemagne was a lover women and they too loved him and his glorious beard. He would throw grand banquets and feasts for special occasions such as religious holidays and four of his weddings. It was not only at these feast that Charlemagne would indulge in his precious red wines, as he would sip some every day. With aged his steadiness began to falter and he would spill his prized Pinot Noir on his luxurious bear. His wife became annoyed at the stain on his beard and demanded that he stop drinking wine altogether. 

A man of compromise, he was surely not one to give up his favourite beverage, but to create one that wouldn’t cause the stainage! Thus, Charlemagne demanded that part of the hill of Le Corton to be replanted with white grapes, which is now known as one of the most famous vineyard world wide, Corton-Charlemagne! 

It's so cool that we actually carry this wine as well from Domaine Rollin, Corton-Charlemagne !