Sunny Sips: Your Ultimate Guide to Summer Sippers According to a Wine Professional


Picture this: A balmy summer day. Beaming sunshine. A cool glass of wine by your side. This, my friends, is not just a fantasy, but our shared reality, because it's finally that time of the year—summer wine season! Summer, in all its glory, gives us a bit of a passport to explore the lighter side of the wine world, where every sip is a burst of refreshing delight, whispering the sweet secret of the season's bounty. As a wine professional and summer's biggest fangirl, I'm here to guide you on your journey to discovering the most captivating sips of this sunny season. Let's dive in!

1. Sauvignon Blanc: The Zesty Maverick This white grape variety, with its zesty character and invigorating acidity, makes Sauvignon Blanc an absolute summer staple. With a backbone of vibrant citrus, herbs, and mineral complexity, it delivers a refreshing splash of coolness to beat that summer heat. Try a bottle from New Zealand for an expressive flavour profile filled with gooseberry and passionfruit notes from our CRISP section or for a touch of creaminess, go for a MELLOW Bordeaux Blanc.

2. Pinot Grigio: The Suave Summer Companion When you're seeking something light, crisp, and infinitely sippable, look no further than Pinot Grigio. This wine is the poolside BFF you didn't know you needed. Originating from Italy, a quality Pinot Grigio is all about balance, bringing together acidity, minerality, and delicate fruit flavours like green apple, pear, and honeydew. A chilled glass of this beauty, and you'll be saying "Ciao" to the summer heat!

3. Provence Rosé: The Blushing Beauty Nothing quite screams summer like a glass of Rosé from Provence. These wines are a ballet of fruits, flowers, and minerals in your mouth. Imagine ripe strawberries, roses, and a hint of flint—it's like sipping summer from a glass. And that elegant, pale salmon colour? Absolutely Instagram-worthy!

4. Vinho Verde: The Portuguese Prince Directly translating to "green wine," this Portuguese charmer is youthful, effervescent, and just a bit sassy. With a slight spritz and low alcohol content, it's perfectly refreshing and light for a hot day. Its aroma profile, full of fresh citrus and green apple, is like a swift summer breeze—soothing and energizing all at once.

5. Vermentino: The Mediterranean Marvel Allow me to introduce you to the underrated superstar, Vermentino. This Mediterranean white grape, most commonly found in Italy's coastal regions, is like a day at the beach. Think sun-kissed lemon, saline sea breeze, and a refreshing, bright finish. It's a summer love story waiting to happen.

6. Gamay: The Light-Hearted Red Who said you can't have reds in the summer? Meet Gamay, the wine world's best-kept secret for summer reds. This light-bodied wine, most famously grown in Beaujolais, is packed with vibrant red fruits like cherry and raspberry, but with a refreshing acidity that makes it perfect for a slight chill. (I'm pretty sure, you know by now, we love to chill some of our reds!) So, if you're a red wine devotee, Gamay's got your back this summer.

As wine lovers, we have the privilege of savouring the world in a glass. This summer, I invite you to travel around the world of refreshing wines, where every sip is a vibrant celebration of the season.

Remember, summer wines are all about relaxation and refreshment, so don't stress about the details . Pop open a bottle, pour yourself a glass, and let the wine work its magic. After all, it's not just the wine we sip, but the moments we savour that make our summer wine journey truly special.

So here's to a season of sunshine, savouring, and sips that sing—summer, we've been waiting for you. Cheers!