Rioja We Love You

by Kathleen MacKinnon
Rioja Alavesa

Making a name for it self as a powerhouse wine growing region in recent years, Rioja is certainly Spain’s most celebrated wine region for a reason. Offering a vast variety of styles from soft, textured whites to deep, seductive reds, there may very well truly be something for everyone among this region’s wines. 


Rioja Alta

Perhaps best known for its production of world-class Tempranillo, Rioja is situated in Northern Spain, and consists of three autonomous communities: La Rioja, Navarre, and the Basque province of Álava, all of which are then further divided into various sub-regions. Most notably; Rioja Alavesa, which is just west of the city Logroño where they feel some cooling maritime influence. Rioja Alta, where Tempranillo is grown on iron-rich soils, and Rioja Oriental, which has a hot and dry Mediterranean climate, here Garnacha regine supreme. With an eagle-eyed focus on producing quality wines, there are a few hoops that winemakers must jump through for their wines to qualify as Rioja, most notably the mandatory 1-3 years the wines must spend aging in oak, along with the additional 6 months-6 years spent aging in-bottle.


Rioja Oriental

Like many old world wine growing regions, it can be somewhat difficult for an average wine drinker to know exactly where to start, but it is more than worth it to put in a bit of effort to become better acquainted with these stunning, endlessly pairable wines. Not sure where to start? We can help! For the month of October, we are offering an Introduction to Rioja 6 pack, which encompasses a wide variety of styles and includes a handpicked selection of recipes that will pair beautifully with each and every one. Available through the end of the month or until we sell out. Cheers!

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