Non-Alcohol Products: Fad? or here to Stay?

Let’s face it. It’s been a long year and sometimes you just need a break from whatever you’re doing these days. Even drinking! There are a number of reasons why someone might want to consume less. Such as the fairly new-ish introduction of recreational cannabis, or maybe you found out you’re pregnant (Congrats!), or maybe you just want to consume less alcoholic products.

Whatever the reason, trends are now leaning towards understanding what substances you choose to consume and this includes Caffeine, Cannabis, and Alcohol! While it’s handled more like a food product in Canada, alcohol is a psychoactive mind altering drug and there are risks associated with drinking. 


- But Jen, you work in the wine industry, why are you saying this blasphemy?

Look, we’re all adults here. I mean you are reading this on a wine shop website so you better be over 18! 

We’re talking about this, because it needs to be a conversation that you’re personally comfortable to talk about. As a wine professional, I LOVE wine. I love the versatility of it, how it elevates a meal, how it can lubricate conversations, and all of the stories associated with that bottle. Whether they are your personal adventures or the historical events of the winery itself! The one thing that I’m sure everyone dislikes however, is the dreaded hangover. I don’t know about you, but my body puffs up like I ate a pound of Ichiban powder. (Aging yay!)

Otherwise, I’m assuming we all know the risks of alcohol consumption?


- Is there any benefits from drinking? I mean I heard that red wine has antioxidants…

We cannot officially say that there are benefits, as the alcohol itself outweighs the positives of other compounds found in wine. Though there is one “benefit” which would be its anti-coagulant properties. According to the The Chief Public Health Officer’s Report on the State of Public Health in Canada 2015 "Alcohol Consumption in Canada", low to moderate drinking may protect against ischemic stroke (blood clots) which tend to happen in our later years... though it should be noted that it wont protect against other types of stroke. However, non-alcoholic drinks can also be anti-coagulants. For more information you should probably consult your doctor.


- Okay, fine, then what now?

Thanks to an initiative that really took off in the UK to decrease alcohol consumption especially among youth, products are now becoming trendy which in turn increases quality. While there are some big name brands that offer great alternatives, we prefer to provide items that are a little off the beaten path. Our shop has always been quality focused and so, after scoring some DELICIOUS non-alcohol beers,“spirits”, and other non-alcohol beverages we decided to really give them a place to shine in there own section.

Such as the Clever G&Tonic, Pink G&Tonic, & Mojito! The TÖST sparkling White Tea, Cranberry & Ginger & Ginger & Elderberry beverages have been incredibly popular this summer because they are so delicious and well as a variety of non-alcoholic beers and Lumette, Bright Light, Non-Alcoholic Distilled Spirit. All of this can be found on our website and more in store. Simply search for Non Alcohol and our list comes up!

So, if you decide that you want to go to a party and enjoy an adult beverage without the alcohol, we got you covered. This is an area that we are excited about and look forward to see where it takes us in the future. We believe this is definitely here to stay!

Be smart, know your limit, and enjoy the good things in life… including delicious non-alcohol beverages!