New Beer, who dis? - New Arrivals #3

Author: Kathleen Mackinnon

Welcome back! It’s been a rather dreary week but we soldier on, and I’ve got a great selection of new canned goodness that are perfect for carrying us through these last few grey days, and well into the sunshine that’s just around the corner. As always, if you’d like to learn more, I’m always around the store happy to answer any questions. Cheers!


Lake of the Woods Brewing Company Lakeside Kolsch - It’s easy to take crisp, easy drinking beers for granted sometimes, but they really can be difficult to get right, and Lake of the Woods got it so, so right with their Lakeside Kolsch. Perfectly balanced and ridiculously refreshing, this is the perfect crowd pleaser to keep on hand through the warmer months, but personally, I’ll be drinking this one all year round. 


Grimross Brewing Maritime Cream Ale - In a craft beer landscape where hoppy beers often seem to reign supreme, those looking for a good old fashioned malty crusher can often be at a bit of a loss, but fear not! The bronze medal winner in its category at the 2018 Canadian Beer Awards, this delightfully smooth cream ale really shines in its simplicity. Clean and easy-drinking with soft honeyed malt and light herbal notes, this is sure to find a place in the rotation of anyone who knows that sometimes, the classics simply can’t be beat.


Windfall Cider Company “Hail Mary” Rosé Cider - For those cider lovers who are looking for something crisp, bone dry, and ridiculously refreshing, Windfall Cider Company’s “Hail Mary” should be right up your alley. BC Apples and delicate red berries come together to create a cider that is somewhat reminiscent of a sparkling wine. Aromas of crab apple, green melon, and rose petals compliment the dry, zippy palate beautifully - a real delight!


Collective Arts Brewing “Circling the Sun” Apple & Cherry Cider - Not looking for something quite as dry as the “Hail Mary”? Worry not, Collective Arts has you covered! Juicy Ontario cherries have been combined with the flagship Collective Arts dry cider, creating a final product that is zippy, lush, and slightly sweet. Blessedly available all year round, you may just want to keep this in your rotation even after summer ends, but thankfully we aren’t there yet...


Quidi Vidi Brewing Sofa Sours Mixed Pack - Now, looks certainly aren’t everything, but the packaging on these sours is definitely a bonus. With each can’s print inspired by vintage upholstery, these look almost as good as they taste. Tart, fruity, and slightly sweet, this lovely little selection of tropical sours is a perfect fridge staple for the warmer months. In terms of tartness, these are a little softer than some we see on the market, making them ideal crushers for a hot day. 


Black Diamond Distillery Orange Vanilla Vodka Soda - Another knockout from the fine folks at Black Diamond Distillery! Described as a “creamsicle for adults”, this vodka soda is light, perfectly sweet, and the perfect thing to have on hand for all your summer adventures. Think melted white freezies with a citrusy kick - pure bliss!


Cannery Brewing HDHC Mosaic IPA - Beloved by craft beer enthusiasts far and wide, Penticton’s Cannery Brewing seems to nail every beer style they take a crack at, and this single-hop IPA is no exception. Fans of a more classic IPA style will find plenty to love here, from the bracing bitterness, to the resiney base notes. A lovely expression of the style, this IPA is brewed exclusively with Mosaic hops in three different formats. Super fun!


Strathcona Brewing “Head Banger” Triple IPA - Coming in at nearly 10% ABV, this triple IPA is not for the faint of heart, but for those of you who think “the hoppier, the better”, this may just be the beer you’ve been dreaming of. With huge tropical fruit notes, perfectly balanced bitterness, and just a hint of malty sweetness, IPA lovers are sure to fall in love, just make sure to drink this one slowly.


Pile O’ Bones Brewing Company Cold Brew Americano Stout - Iced coffee lovers, this is the beer for you. Bold, toasty, and yes, quite caffeinated, cold brew enthusiasts will find plenty to love about this one. Beers this robust aren’t often thought of as summer beers, but the refreshing bitterness present in this stout makes it a perfect beer for all seasons. 

Thanks for joining me for another new arrivals recap, see you next time!