New Beer, who dis? - New Arrivals #2

Author: Kathleen Mackinnon

Hello, hello! I’m back again to give you a rundown of all the canned gems that have hit our shelves this week, and we’ve got some real winners this week that are sure to find a place at your next socially distanced outdoor gathering. Let’s get into it!


Steamworks “Tango” Dry Hopped Sour - If there’s such a thing as a classic fruity sour, this would be an example of that. Tart, malty, and a little spicy, this delivers exactly where it needs to, and then some. Fans of sour beers that really make your mouth water will be delighted by this one, though the sourness is perfectly balanced against all the other flavours at play here. Spring fare, especially dishes that heavily feature prosciutto, would play well with this one, though, as always, it stands just fine on its own, too.


Île Sauvage “Tropique Guava” Sour with Vanilla - After the insane popularity of the Mosaique Mango Sour we brought in a few weeks ago, we figured it only made sense to keep the Ile Sauvage train going. Tart, tropical, and rounded out with just a hint of vanilla, you’ll want to have this beauty on hand all summer long. Ile Sauvage have certainly made a name for themselves in the realm of sour beers and after two knockouts in a row, I can see why. Also, not that this is by any means the most important thing, but photos truly do not do the gorgeous colour of this label justice, you’ll be in a better mood just looking at it.


2 Crows “Dos Cuervos” Mexican Lager - 2 Crows, a Halifax craft beer staple that you’ve surely seen around the shop many times, has been on a roll with the summer releases, and this warm weather staple is no exception. Do you prefer to keep it simple? Do you find the number of ever-increasing craft beer options a little overwhelming? Has your dad ever said to you, “I miss when beer tasted like beer.”? If so, you’ll want to give this one a try. Clean, balanced, and showing that delightful hint of sweetness standard for the style, this one is an easygoing crowd pleaser that will carry you and even the most old-school of your beer drinking friends through the warmer months. 


Vox Populi Fruit Punch IPA - Hazy IPA lovers fear not, I haven’t forgotten about you. Hailing from Montreal, the Vox Populi Fruit Punch IPA is a stunning representation of the style. Oddly, there is no actual fruit in this, all the punchy tropical fruit flavours are thanks to hops (and lots of them - this beer clocks in at 100 IBU), and are perfectly integrated. Fruity, hoppy, clean, and just the right amount of bitter, this one goes down smoothly. Coming in at a rather sneaky 8% ABV, you’ll want to take it slow with this one, difficult though that may be...


2 Crows “Jubilee” Apricot Blackberry Sour - Yes, I know, two 2 Crows offerings in one week, but I couldn’t resist. A companion of sorts to the “Jamboree” sour that launched earlier in the spring, this beauty is a welcome addition to the range. I find this beer to be slightly softer in style compared to some of the more zippy fruity sours on the market, making it a great entry level option for people looking to dip their toe into the world of sour beers, while still offering up plenty to love for longtime enthusiasts. Flavours of tart blackberries are mellowed out with the softer, more gentle addition of fresh apricots, making for an all-around delightful experience. A real treat! 


Dageraad Marlowe Belgian Session Stout - For those who prefer to drink darker beers well into the warmer months, the Dageraad Marlowe may be the one for you. Coming in at only 3% ABV, you’ll be able to drink this one well into the summer nights but rest assured, no flavour was sacrificed in the making of this stout. All the rich, dark, malty flavours you expect from a stout are here on full display, and, as with all of Dageraad’s offerings, the bitterness on this one is simply sublime.


The Establishment Brewing “Ataraxia” Imperial NEIPA - The latest addition to The Establishment’s highly-coveted white can series, the Ataraxia is an imperial IPA lover’s dream. Hopped to the nines, but still delightfully smooth and fruity, this beer is perfect for rain or shine. If history is to be believed, this beauty won’t last long, and once it’s gone, it’s gone. No pressure or anything...

Thanks again for joining me, all of the beers mentioned, along with many, many more, are now on the shelf just waiting to be discovered. Come check it out. I’ll be back again in two weeks with more new arrivals, enjoy the weather everyone!