New Beer, who dis? - New Arrivals #6

Author: Kathleen Mackinnon

Hello there - it’s been awhile. There was a bit of a lag in new beer arrivals there so I simply did not have much to share with you all, but I’ve got a pretty sizable roundup this time around. Let’s get into it.


First up is the easiest drinking offering of the bunch - the 2 Crows “Tiny Dancer”. I noticed that we didn’t really have anything in the way of Belgian-style wheat beers, and figured this would be a good thing to fill that void. Fresh, a little bit funky, and super crushable at only 3.6% ABV, this offers a great way to step just a little bit out of the box, and it’ll be perfect to carry you through the remainder of these summer days.

Next up is a beer that I’m sure will already be known to many beer geeks: the Bellwoods Brewery “Jelly King” Fruited Sour. Hailing from Toronto, these sours have gained a following far and wide, and with good reason. Bold, fruity, with a hoppy, citrusy backbone, these are sure to impress any sour beer enthusiast. In store right now we have limited quantities of both Raspberry + Meyer Lemon, and Dragon Fruit + Pineapple. If history is any indication, these won’t last long so run, don’t walk!

We have three new IPAs this week, the first of which is a lovely DIPA from the fine folks at Tailgunner Brewing. Very easy-drinking for the style, this DIPA offers up all the hoppy glory you’d expect, with a nice fruity undertone, which softens the whole thing out really nicely. Not so into the fruity IPAs?  We’ve got you, as we also have the Tailgunner “Johnny Lake” Canadian Harvest IPA, which offers a maltier, more robust option. Both lovely!

For those of you that prefer the hazy, tropical-fruit bomb style of IPA, ‘88 Brewing’s “Night Gallery” is a great all year round option. Soft, fruity, with just enough of a hoppy backbone to prop the whole thing up, this one is seriously easy-drinking and, thankfully, as one of their core-offerings, it’s always around to fill the hazy IPA-shaped void in your life. Cheers!

Lastly for the IPAs, Big Spruce Brewing’s “Tag, You’re It!” NEIPA is finally back in stock! Deliciously tropical, generously hopped, and perfectly balanced, this is definitely a tried and true favourite for a reason. If you’ve been growing weary of some of the frillier, more experimental NEIPAs coming out over the last little while, this is sure to reset your expectations. 

Now, I know we’re not quite out of the summer months yet, but it never hurts to be prepared, which is why you can now find the Twin Sales “Con Leche” Horchata Milk Stout on our shelves waiting patiently for cooler days (or any days, really…) Rich, perfectly spiced, and just a little bit sweet, this one toes the “dessert beer” line slightly, but never crosses over into overly heavy territory. This one is requested year-round, so if you’re an all-seasons stout drinker, come and get it. If not? That’s okay. It will wait!

If you’ve ever been in to ask me for a cider recommendation, you have most likely heard me rave endlessly about the Reverend Nat’s “Viva la Pineapple” cider, and so I’m sure you can imagine my excitement when I saw that they were offering a Fruit Punch cider as a summer seasonal. They’ve done it again, obviously. Fresh, fruity, and just a little bit funky, cider lovers will definitely want to get in on this one before it goes into hibernation. Seriously.

Looking for a mixed pack for your summer gathering? The Spectrum Brewing “Margarita Machine” Gose Mixed Pack has you covered. Offering a delicious range of fruity flavours, with a built in salted rim finish, these are just the thing to beat the heat, and, not that it matters, but the packaging is also unreasonably cute. Just a thought.

To finish us off for today we have not a beer, not a cider, but an unreasonably refreshing pre-made Tom Collins, produced locally by Last Best Brewing. Canned gin offerings are definitely having a moment right now, and I couldn’t be more delighted. Tart, refreshing, and perfectly sweet, these are a great option to have on hand for when you want to feel a bit fancy without having to actually do anything. 

That’ll be all for this round, folks - stay cool out there.