Author, Selena Gaudet

You know by now that our store is arranged by taste profile, not region or country. In addition to our six core wine styles that are oh-so easy to navigate, we have a few other styles and the constant crowd favourite: Take Out! Here we perfectly pair each bottle with a unique take out dish. My apartment is unbearably hot throughout the summer so the oven isn’t a pleasant option, here are five of my favourite take out spots in Kensington and wines to pair!

Po-ké + Gruner
Relatively new the hood, Poke has quickly become a frequent stop for mid-week meeting fuel. A healthy…er…ish option that can befriend many wines. For me, Gruner Veltliner, Austria’s famous white varietal is a natural pairing. Light, fresh styles with vibrant acidity, and notes of celery, white pepper, ginger and lime make it an undeniable and versatile food wine, stunning with the Special Bowl.
Try: Gruber Roschitz, Gruner Veltliner – $23

Chicken on the Way + Bubbles
A Kensington icon – if you haven’t eaten there, what are you waiting for?!
Fried chicken: juicy and greasy with flecks of spice, this dish needs something with racy acidity to score through the richness. Something light and refreshing like a Sancerre would do the trick, but for me bubbles are where it’s at! If you’re feeling ballin’ go for it and pop a bottle of Champagne, if you’re on a budget like me, Crémant is hands down my winner.
Try: Chateau-Langlois, Crémant de Loire Brut – $27

Peppino + Rose
Sometimes I “forget” my lunch (totally on purpose) so I can grab an Italian sandwich instead. My go-to, ‘Joe’s Special’ topped with Mortadella, Capicollo, Calabrese & cheese is just a salty, rich and a touch spicy. Pair this very picnic-able meal with a medium-full bodied Rose with notes of ripe, juicy fruits to compliment the layers.
Try: Joel Delauney ‘Les Cabotines’ Rosé – $22

Vietnam Fortune + Pinot Noir
Everyone has their dish at their favourite Vietnamese spot, for me it’s Pork Vermicelli with Spring Rolls. But regardless of what your go-to dish is – spicy or not, a light, juicy red will pair well across the board. Chilling this wine is also a no-brainer for hot summer days!
Try: Farm to Table, Pinot Noir – $21

Burger 320 + CDR Blend
I love this spot for boundless burger creativity, not to mention their Parm Fries! If you can resist their instagramable shakes, come by for some vino! Burgers, with their myriad topping combinations make for infinite pairings but a medium bodied, medium tannin red like a GSM (Grenache, Syrah + Mourvedre) makes for a crowd-pleasing pair.

Try: Saint-Cosme, CDR Blend – $26


Selena Gaudet