Host A Pinot Party This Thanksgiving!!

Thanksgiving is a time-honoured occasion, steeped in traditions passed down through generations. But this year, why not add a delightful twist to the usual fare? Introduce your loved ones to a unique tasting experience: the Pinot Party!

Beyond the elegant pour and delicate aroma of Pinot Noir lies a compelling tale. Often referred to as the 'Heartbreak Grape', Pinot Noir is notoriously capricious. Its temperamental nature demands careful attention and dedication. Yet, it is this same delicate nature that results in a wine capturing its terroir so beautifully. When you indulge in a glass of Pinot Noir, you're not just sipping wine; you're appreciating the meticulous labour and love that crafted it.

Imagine setting your table adorned with delicious dishes and complemented by a curated collection of Pinot Noir, embarking your guests on a wine-tasting odyssey. With the diversity of Pinot Noir, each person is sure to discover a personal favourite. The allure of Pinot is especially heightened in the fall. Think of it as the comforting embrace of a soft sweater or the crunchy orange leaves underfoot during an autumn walk; it's warmth, charm, and nostalgia in a glass.


Begin your festivities with the Bernard-Massard Rosé Brut, a sparkling sensation crafted from 100% Pinot Noir. It captivates with aromas of strawberries, raspberries, and subtle rose petals, underpinned by a gentle toasty nuance. Pair its lively bubbles and ripe red berry flavors with goat cheese crostinis topped with cranberry sauce or savoury pastries. As you delve into the evening, its fine mousse and hints of citrus zest and minerality shine with fresh berry tarts, pumpkin, and fruit pies, culminating in a gastronomic crescendo.

NextIndulge in the elegance of Kulina, Blanc de Noir. Crafted from the delicately pressed Pinot Noir grapes, this white wine unfurls the grape's aromatic subtleties, highlighted by aromas of Anjou pear, peach, clementine, and floral blossoms. This wine provides a seamless transition from the sparkling, ideally accompanying appetizers like roasted butternut squash soup or cranberry and brie bites. For the main course, it beautifully complements traditional Thanksgiving dishes such as herb-roasted turkey and buttery mashed potatoes with its delicate nuances.

Shift your attention to the Love Oregon Pinot Noir Rosé as you delve into the more robust courses. Radiating a captivating pink hue, it greets you with enticing aromas of wild strawberry, grapefruit, rhubarb, and crushed rose petals. On the palate, this Rosé is a lively symphony of citrus zest, red berries, tart cherry, and a hint of celery leaf. With its modest 11% abv, its vibrant character makes it an exquisite partner for roasted vegetables and lighter meats, beautifully enhancing the heart of your meal.

Introduce the finesse of a German Pinot Noir such as Kulina, to the main dishes that grace your table. With its delightful nose of bright youthful cherries, strawberries, and cranberries intertwined with juicy raspberry, it paints an aromatic picture. Subtle notes of sweet baking spices - vanilla, nutmeg, and a hint of spicy pepper - add depth. As you take a sip, experience its snappy acidity paired with red berries and a touch of mineral on the palate. This wine shines alongside dishes with nuanced spices and herbs. Imagine it enhancing the flavours of a herb filled stuffing, roasted carrots or sweet potato with nutmeg, a succulent roast turkey, or even a rich duck, elevating the dining experience.

Progress to the Justin Girardin Bourgogne Pinot Noir from Cote d'Or, Burgundy, a French wine steeped in tradition. With a fresh and elegant nose of dusty wild strawberries, cranberries, and cherries, it resonates with the essence of the Burgundian terroir, hinting at an earthy forest floor beneath. Boasting a complex structure accentuated by its earthy undertones this wine stands as a magnificent companion for dishes with pronounced flavours. Envision it alongside traditional gravies, aromatic stuffings, Beef Wellington, mushroom sauces, and even gourmet cheese platters, accentuating the depth of each bite.

Finally, transition to the Folk Machine from the Central Coast of California. With its enticing aromas of ripe red fruit, soft earth, and a touch of baking spice, this wine truly captures the classic California essence. It's fruit-forward, brimming with notes of strawberries, and both black and red cherries. This California Pinot Noir confidently complements the most flavorful dishes at your table. From a glazed ham to a spicy barbecue creation, this wine underscores every mouthful, leaving your guests marveling at the impeccable pairing.

So, when you think of this Thanksgiving, envision more than wine glasses clinking. Envision hearts connecting, memories being made, and the birth of a tradition that might just become the highlight of many years to come. 🍷🍁🥂

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