Easter Beer Pairings, you'll be Hoppy about!


Author: Kathleen Mackinnon


Well, folks, it appears that Easter has snuck up on us (me) once again, and while we at Vine Styles are decidedly wine-focused, we know that some of you will have drink preferences that lay elsewhere. Our small but mighty beer selection is sure to have just the thing to pair with your Easter favourites, and there’s plenty more where these came from in the shop. 

Classic Glazed Ham: Sometimes the classics just can’t be outdone, and Easter ham with the Ravens Brewing Three Monks Belgian Tripel is a match made in heaven. Perfectly balanced with a malty backbone and spicy, fruity notes coming through on the palate, this classic style will play perfectly with the rich salty sweetness of a glazed Easter ham.

Turkey Dinner: Take the nostalgic flavours of a classic turkey dinner up a notch with the Dageraad Rainshine. This hoppy blonde ale is given a stunning zesty bitterness with the addition of grapefruit peel, making it the perfect companion for the soft, rich flavours of turkey and gravy, while being easy going enough that it will compliment nearly any side dish. A total crowd-pleaser.

Lamb: Perhaps a less traditional choice for Easter dinner, lamb has been gaining some popularity as Easter fare in the last little while, and rightfully so. Much more flavourful on its own than many meat dishes, you may want something a little more robust to pair with it. Establishment Brewing’s Fat Sherpa Porter with its deep, toasty malt flavours, and pleasant sweetness, will help enhance the earthier flavours of the lamb, while also being a delightful pairing for most side dishes.

Roasted Vegetables: Yes, vegetables deserve love too. With spring (allegedly) upon us, we can expect to find a wonderful variety of root vegetables to have at the dinner table this Easter. The earthy sweetness of roast vegetables will pair deliciously with Dandy’s Import Style Premium Lager. Crisp and easy-drinking, but with enough malty richness to compliment earthier fare, this is definitely a fridge staple, and should be given a place at the table for Easter dinner.

Easter Chocolate: Probably what many of you are most looking forward to, the treasure trove of indulgent Easter chocolate is really the reason for the season in terms of cuisine, right? The logic for pairing beer with chocolate is often to go with rich, dark beers, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. However, with the warmer weather seemingly sticking around for a little while, I’d like something a little lighter. The Cannery Brewing Sunblink Berry Sour is a delightful accompaniment for any easter treat, with subtle tartness and berry sweetness, it will do wonders to balance the rich sweetness of a chocolate bunny, while adding an intriguing fruity kick.

All of the suggested pairings are currently available in-store, along with the rest of our selection of carefully curated craft beers. I hope everyone has a wonderful, indulgent, and, most importantly, a very safe Easter.