Drinks by the Dram: Whisky Advent Calendar - Explorers' Edition [Christmas]

Drinks by the Dram: Whisky Advent Calendar - Explorers' Edition [Christmas]

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24 Wax-Sealed 30ml Drams

Overview: Embark on a global whisky journey this festive season with the Explorers' Edition of this Whisky Advent Calendar. This unique collection offers a daily discovery of whiskies from around the world, perfect for the adventurous spirit enthusiast.


  • 24 Exceptional Whiskies: Each of the 24 drams unveils a new whisky experience, carefully selected to showcase diversity and quality.
  • Global Selection: Journey from classic favourites to innovative bottlings and lesser-known gems, representing the best in global whisky craftsmanship.
  • Daily Discovery: With each day leading up to Christmas, uncover a new whisky, offering a perfect blend of anticipation and enjoyment.

Experience: This Advent Calendar is an adventure in every sense. It provides a chance to explore the rich and varied world of whisky, from traditional expressions to the latest innovations. Each door opens to a new dram, ensuring your countdown to Christmas is filled with anticipation and delightful surprises.

Perfect For:

  • Whisky Adventurers
  • Christmas Gifting for Spirit Lovers
  • Expanding Your Whisky Horizons
  • A Festive Treat for Yourself or a Loved One