Drinks by the Dram: Bourbon Tasting Set

Drinks by the Dram: Bourbon Tasting Set

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Overview: Discover the rich and robust world of bourbon whiskey with our curated Bourbon Tasting Set. This collection features five distinct 30ml samples, each offering a unique taste of what many argue to be the king of brown liquors. Whether you're a bourbon aficionado or new to this spirited debate, this set is a perfect way to explore and form your own opinion.


  • Five Distinct Bourbons: A carefully selected range of 30ml samples showcasing the diversity and depth of bourbon whiskey.
  • Premium Selection: Includes renowned and unique expressions from respected distilleries.
  • Explore and Compare: Ideal for tasting sessions, comparing notes, and discovering your preferred style of bourbon.

In the Set:

  1. Pure Kentucky XO: A robust Kentucky Straight bourbon whiskey with a rich flavour profile.
  2. Bulleit Bourbon 10 Year Old: Renowned for its smoothness and depth, aged for a decade for exceptional quality.
  3. Few Bourbon: A Straight bourbon whiskey with a unique character, offering a different perspective on traditional bourbon.
  4. Four Roses Bourbon: A classic Kentucky Straight bourbon whiskey, celebrated for its balance and smoothness.
  5. Black & Gold 11 Year Old: An 11-year-old Bourbon Whiskey, known for its complexity and refined taste.

Experience: This Bourbon Tasting Set is an invitation to delve into the world of bourbon whiskey. From the classic to the contemporary, each sample is a chapter in the story of this beloved spirit. It's an ideal gift for whiskey enthusiasts or a splendid way to broaden your own whiskey horizons.

Perfect For:

  • Bourbon Enthusiasts and Beginners
  • Tasting Parties and Social Gatherings
  • Expanding Your Whiskey Palate
  • A Thoughtful Gift for Spirit Connoisseurs