WWWWD: Sunshine & Vines - June 5th

WWWWD: Sunshine & Vines - June 5th

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Join us on Wednesday, June 5th from 6pm - 8pm!

Summer is almost upon us and the outdoor patios and decks are calling! With the advent of warmer, sunny weather, many of us experience a seasonal “palate shift” towards lighter, fresher wines that quench our thirst and pair well with warmth, sunshine, and summer-y foods.

However, Wine Dad’s idea of ‘perfect summer sippers’ is not necessarily linked to ‘cheap and cheerful.’ In this tasting, his focus will be on wines that show freshness, vibrancy, and balance...so expect some amazing premium wines to fit that description in addition to budget-friendly selections!

If you are ready to seize the day on summer patio and deck season, this will be a fun and informative tasting of Sunshine & Vines, paired with food that exude summer freshness as well.

Hurry up to claim your ticket as there are only 12 spots at our harvest table!

What to expect:

As most of our customers know, one of our Vine Stylists is J-S The Wine Dad (@JS_WineDad) and he loves to lead wine tastings, so we decided to dedicate the first Wednesday of every month for a #WineWednesdaywithWineDad!

From 6pm - 8pm on the first Wednesday of the month, J-S will select a theme and lead groups of up to 12 customers through a curated lineup of about six wines with a cheese and charcuterie platter or small bites that match the theme, maps, tasting notes and even a story behind each one.

J-S is energetic, irreverent, and does not take himself too seriously 😉 meaning these tastings are going to be fun!